How to Set Up ProFTPD on Ubuntu 12.04



ProFTPD stands for Pro FTP Daemon and it is a free open source software used among popular FTP programs in Unix environments. It is a secure and configurable FTP server program used for virtual private servers.

Installation of ProFTPD


ProFTPD can be installed on your VPS by typing in the following command in the command line:

sudo apt-get install proftpd

While the installation in in progress, you should choose to run your VPS on standalone option.

Once the file is downloaded completely, the ProFTPD server will be installed on your droplet. Now, we can configure it for making it more secure.


Configuring ProFTPD


ProFTPD is quite different from other FTP programs like vsftpd in the configuration. ProFTPD disables anonymous login from the outset. However, there are a couple of changes that you can make to ProFTPD.

Open up the configuration file:

sudo nano /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf

Change the server name to your host name.

ServerName            ""

Now, uncomment the ‘DefaultRoot’ so that users will be limited to their home directory.

# Use this to jail all users in their homes 
DefaultRoot                    ~

After making the changes, save and exit the file.

Restart the program using the command:

sudo service proftpd restart


Accessing FTP Server


Now that you have already installed and configured FTP server, you can access it now.

Type the domain name in to your browser and log in with appropriate credentials. You will be able to access only the user’s home directory while connecting to the virtual server.

Another alternative way to reach the FTP server on your virtual server is by typing the following command on your command line:


Now you can use the ‘exit’ command to exit from the FTP shell.

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